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Stephen was given his first stills camera at the age of five and soon branched out to the moving image, making films about drug abuse at school by utilising basic video equipment and Super 8 film. Before long he was attempting to shoot an entire feature on Super 8 – even constructing his own camera crane out of wood and bits of old chairs. From here he was hooked and it seemed inevitable that he was bound for a career in the film industry.


At the age of 15 Stephen landed his first job as a trainee on the low-budget movie ‘Chasing the Deer’. Following this he began assisting on short films and at 19 he shot his first feature, ‘The Ring and the Seal‘ directed by Hollywood FX guru Tom Lauten.


These early experiences enabled him to secure a position as a Camera Technician at ARRI Rental, a leading movie equipment rental house, where he provided on-set technical support to major films such as ‘The Da Vinci Code’, ‘The Bourne Ultimatum’ and ‘Quantum of Solace’.


After 8 years at ARRI Stephen left to assist renowned photographer Greg Williams after meeting him on the set of Quantum of Solace.


Greg has shot some of the World’s most famous actors as well as many high profile advertising campaigns for the likes of Hilfiger, Dunhill and Lacoste. More recently he has combined traditional still photography and motion capture to create ‘Motos’ (moving photos) which has led him into directing.


Stephen has aided Greg in his transition to directing by shooting his first two short films, ‘Sergeant Slaughter: My Big Brother’ – starring Tom Hardy, and ‘Tell Tale’ – starring Carla Gugino, Adam Arkin, Jesse Spencer and Clifton Collins Jnr. and for which he won Best Cinematography awards alongside Greg at both the Burbank International and New York Short Film Festivals.


Stephen has been shooting a lot recently and has seen last year’s low-budget action feature film “Amber”, directed by David Newton, receive high praise from a number of film festivals including Raindance and The Global Film Awards.


Fully conversant with the latest technologies in both film and digital image acquisition, he is familiar with the 16mm, 35mm and HD formats, and has worked numerous times with his own the RED Epic Dragon as well as ARRI’s ALEXA cameras.


With freelance camerawork now taking him all over the world, Stephen is based in Northampton and London and has various projects in development, including a number of feature films. His visual style has developed over the years and has doubtless been influenced by his high-end work with Greg Williams as both he and Greg share a love of backlighting and atmospherics.


Stephen is also influenced and inspired by the work of fellow cinematographers such as Janusz Kaminski, Roger Deakins, Darius Khondji, Haskell Wexler, Gordon Willis and Remi Adefarasin.